Outland Expeditions Ocoee River Rafting

6501 Waterlevel Hwy. SE
Cleveland, TN 37323
United States


The Ocoee River carves its way through the Appalachian Mountains in southeast Tennessee. It descends from the mountains of north Georgia into the dramatic Ocoee River Gorge and Lake Ocoee Reservoir. With put-ins located less than two hours from Atlanta, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, this untamed river is ready for visitors of all abilities and experiences.

What is Ocoee River Rafting
Ocoee River rafting is known as the best whitewater rafting in Tennessee. Whitewater rafting is a recreational activity. It utilizes an inflatable raft to navigate a river that has a series of rapids, which are referred to as “whitewater.” Usually, several people occupy the same raft. The sport can be dangerous if proper care isn’t taken. There are several different levels of whitewater rafting.