Project K-9 Hero

Project K-9 Hero
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Detroit, MI
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Retired Military Working Dogs and Police K-9 Heroes accepted into Project K-9 Hero will have all medical costs covered for them. Project K-9 Hero will also cover the K-9’s food costs and have food shipped directly to the owner’s residence. Project K-9 Hero additionally provides $500.00 to the owner when the K-9 is deceased for cremation or burial service. This is all, of course, dependent on funding raised through donations.

Project K-9 Hero aims to educate the public via professional speaking, conferences, mail, and email on the costs and responsibilities that are necessary when adopting or caring for a retired Military Working Dog or Police K-9 Hero. While a K-9’s medical costs are fully covered by their local, state, or federal law enforcement agency when they are working, they are no longer covered for any costs once they retire.

In almost all instances, the responsibility for caring for the retired hero falls solely on the volunteers who adopt the K-9. K-9 Heroes are worked until they can no longer perform their duties due to health reasons.

In their older age of retirement, they need our help the most in making sure they are able to live a comfortable life and are able to enjoy their retirement for as long as possible.

K-9’s accepted into Project K-9 Hero will be selected by the existing board members. Owners of retired K-9’s will need to submit an application, bio of the K-9’s career, and several photos of the K-9 working and at home. The board will look at each application thoroughly and allow a retired K-9 into the program if the funds are available to support it. Through your donation, we look forward to taking in as many Retired K-9 Heroes as we can support, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable retirement in return for their dedication to supporting us and our communities.
If you would like to apply to get your Retired K-9 Hero into our program, please fill out our medical assistance application.