BBQ Cookoff

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188 Bailey Lane
Whitwell, TN 37397
United States
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Time Zone (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Powell's Crossroads annual BBQ competition here in Crossroads. Entry is free and the town will be selling my Law & Disorder BBQ with all profits going to Trunk or Treat. Music, vendors, giveaways, and fellowship.
Powell’s Crossroads Backyard BBQ Cook-Off 2024
1. Teams may cook with any type of wood, charcoal, propane, or combination. Any type of smoker can be used in a pure backyard event. (electric, propane, wood, or a combination of may be used as long as it is safely operating)
2. All contestants MUST adhere to all electrical, fire, and other city, county, state, or federal codes.
3. Each team must comply with all applicable rules/regulations of the Marion County Health Department as well as safe food handling practices.
4. No Meat/Entry/Product May Be Sold at this event. Give all the samples you want away to the general public and visitors.
5. Meat for the contest may be frozen or fresh. Meat may not be pre-cooked before arrival.
6. Prior to cooking meats must be maintained below 40 F degrees before cooking and at/above 155 F after cooking. Teams may not remove meat from the site after arrival.
7. Each contestant competing must supply ALL of their own meat, cooking ingredients, individual cooking devices, utensils, preparation tables, etc. ALL COMPETITION ENTRIES MUST BE PREPARED AND COOKED ON-SITE AT THE BBQ COOKOFF.
8. No live animals/pets (dogs, pigs, etc.) are allowed in the IMMEDIATE cooking area.
9. Official Meat Categories are CHICKEN, PULLED PORK, and PORK RIBS. GARNISH will be allowed in the turn-in boxes if the contestant chooses. A PULLED PORK entry (shoulder or Boston butt) is defined as the portion of the hog containing the arm, bone, shank bone, and the portion of the blade bone. The pork ham, considered to be a shoulder entry, contains the hind leg bone. Boston butt or picnic shoulders are considered a valid entry. The pork ribs do not have to be bone-in pork ribs and may be turned in any form (boneless and country-style acceptable). Any standardized form of chicken may be turned in. Thighs are recommended but drums, wings, or breasts may be entered alone or in combination with other pieces.
10. The turn-in boxes must contain enough pulled pork to give a bite-size sample for 3 judges and all pieces must fit inside the enclosed container (9”x9”) container provided. A PORK RIB entry is defined as the portion of the hog containing the ribs and classified as a spare rib or loin rib portion. Country-style ribs and rib tips are valid entries. The box being judged must contain at least 3 sections of ribs and all pieces must fit inside a closed (9”x9”) container. Chicken pieces may be entered in a similar fashion with samples for 3 judges that fit in the provided box.
11. The competition will be only one round of judging with 3 prizes in each category determined by the highest cumulative score of the 3 Official Meat Categories. During the cook’s meeting, teams will be informed about how they turn in containers for their samples. The Powell’s Crossroads hosting reps are not responsible for getting containers to the teams. Teams must provide their own foam 9x9 clamshell-type containers. The contest requires that teams have their entry samples ready to be judged and delivered to the judge’s area at a specific time. Teams may decorate their cooking sites in a preferred BBQ-style theme. This is not required but is allowed to be festive. In the event of a tie score in any category, the judges will take into consideration garnish boxes and site decoration efforts as a tie-breaker.
12. When a team of cooks arrive at the specific judging area to turn in their entries they may ask questions and briefly converse about the entry. Sauces and condiments may be used in coordination with the entries.
13. The contest officials have been invited and selected as judges for this contest. They are judging on taste and quality only. These judges are judging the entries and score them by a point system. They are given the scoring sheets which are also available to each BBQ team if they request a copy to prepare. The judges have had no prior training or coaching on the meats they are scoring. This is a pure backyard fun amateur event with local judges and officials selected based on their neutrality. One judge will be placed in charge of totaling the scores and giving them to the event host/announcer.
14. It is the responsibility of each team to keep the contest area clean. Fires are only permitted in designated fire pits. Not all sites will have these fire pits. Sites will be chosen on a first come first serve basis. The sites can be selected from numbered sites. All fires must be put out before leaving the site. All equipment, garbage, etc. must be removed from the site. Trash must be placed in park trash cans or provided receptacles. All trash must be bagged. Failure to clean up will result in disqualification from future contests. The town requests that all contestants cooperate in the disposal of trash keeping the area clean.
15. No display of alcoholic beverages, profane, or abusive language, or loud disturbing music. These will be grounds for disqualification. Under no circumstances are alcoholic beverages to be distributed (given away or sold) to the general public by teams. NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED
16. The Chief Cook is responsible for the conduct of his or her team and guests. Any disturbances or altercations as a result of team members, guests, or individuals in the team area are grounds for disqualification and expulsion from a future contest.
17. Quiet time is 10:00 p.m. Friday till 6:30 a.m. Saturday.
18. Winners in all contests and categories will be announced at an awards ceremony held at approximately 2:00 p.m. Saturday, June 15th, 2024. Teams are not to load out until the awards ceremony has concluded.
19. Limited access to water service will be provided. Teams should bring plenty of electrical cords, water hoses, and hose splitters to reach the nearest tie-in point if available. Potable water is strongly recommended to be brought by each team. Quiet generators allowed with noise levels must not exceed 60 to 75 decibels.
20. All teams must load in and set up from the first park entrance off Bailey Lane. No entry is allowed from the second entrance of the park. All rigs must be in place and all supporting vehicles must be moved to a proper parking area by Friday evening before the family movie time. Parking of vehicles in areas other than provided is prohibited unless granted permission. Any team bringing in an RV, camper, or large BBQ rig must notify Kenneth Seagraves before the event to ensure that the layout of team areas can be accommodated accordingly.
21. Most of all have fun!! This is a community event to enjoy fellowship and good food. It supports our annual Trunk or Treat in October.
22. Questions may be directed to Chief Kenneth Seagraves at 423-658-6582 or
Camp Chet in Whitwell TN